New Holland P2085 - 30ft

New Holland P2085 - 30ft for sale at Landmark Equipment, Texas

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New Holland P2085 - 30ft for sale at Landmark Equipment, Texas



The P2085 Disk Drill is available in 30 and 40 feet, with 7.5 or 10 inch row spacing. The new frame design offers exceptional weight distribution that is ideal for many different crops and soil types. In addition the narrow V-shape envelope adds additional stability for safe and convenient transport to and from the field.

Industry leading patented parallel link design provides even seed placement at higher speeds and on rougher terrains. It ensures best-in-class emergence in a wide variety of soil, seeding depths, and field conditions. The low maintenance design allows farmers to be more efficient - spending more time where it counts, in the field.

For a customer who demands high productivity, look no further than the P2085 Disk Drill. The true 0-3.5” depth settings accommodate all seeding depths and the single-handed adjustment without a manual lock makes the P2085 the easiest depth adjustment on the market.

The accurate seed placement is ideal for small grains such as wheat, barley, rice, soybeans and canola. The unique scraper and opener geometry allows for consistent seeding depth across the entire opener operation range. There is no need for a seed shelf, as the seed can be placed in the bottom of the trench. High mounting of the seed tube ensures reduced wear, long life, and reduced plugging over the competition. The 18” disk cuts cleanly through the heaviest of crop residues to ensure optimal seed to soil contact.

The P2085 Disk Drill includes an all-new closing system designed specifically for exceptional closing in tough conditions. The hollow center reduces compaction while providing excellent seed-to-soil contact. There is up to 100lbs of available pressure – with three convenient pressure settings of 60lbs, 70lbs and 100lbs. It maintains a smooth field finish in the softest conditions yet can also be adjusted to properly close the seed trench in the absolute heaviest soils.

The P2085 allows you to reduce input costs and increase yields by eliminating overlap on turn rows and odd shaped fields. Two section control is standard with four section control optional. This drill allows you to shut off drill sections with the push of a button, or automatically via GPS. It also ensures that the intended rate is applied to all portions of the field.

P2000 Series disk drills set a new higher standard when it comes to durability. You’ll find no other model comes close. And, durability is the key to reducing your downtime and maintenance costs. How tough are your soil and field conditions? Whether you have rocks, sandy soils or corn stalks, wear and tear on P2000 Series disk drills is minimized in unforgiving environments. Take a look and see how New Holland has given careful attention to the durable details of these drills.

Earth Metal® formulated boron steel disk blades are designed to provide unmatched strength and durability in all conditions
•Each opener features a long-life disk scraper with integral tungsten carbide wear components
•The entire row unit is built tough, including 1.25-inch heavy-duty main pivot spindles and pivot pins with oil-impregnated copper iron alloy bushings for unrivaled durability
•Hardened wing pins with replaceable bushings
•Sealed double row main bearing with integral triple lip seals and external shield
•Row unit cast frame, link and adjustment handle
•Heavy-duty packer wheel
•High-strength chrome silicon springs
•High-quality, powder-coat paint finish

Open frame design combined with larger bracing members allow for easy accessibility and maintenance across the drill. This design also allows for convenient depth adjustment on the center section of the drill frame.

The P2085 Disk Drill model features a mounted seed tank. It is specifically designed for easy access to metering assembly for adjusting, cleanout and servicing. It includes a non-pressurized tank, eliminating air leaks. The mounted seed tank evens the weight distribution across the machine, and adds maneuverability around corners while transporting equipment. A large platform with easy accessibility and large tank opening makes loading a breeze. The 30’ model offers a 70 bushel capacity, while the 40’ model offers a 100 bushel capacity.

The P2085 model offers the best wing flex in the industry. It’s flexible frame provides a total of 25°total flex – 10° flex up and 15° flex down. This feature allows for consistent accurate seeding placement across in the width of the drill. Flexibility also disperses frame stress for more durability than traditional welded joints. Where the frame flexes, durable, self-lubricating joints with chrome pins and polyurethane pads add lasting performance unmatched in the industry.

A high flotation walking beam tandem axle option is available on all models of the P2000 Disk drill. The option features walking beam tandem axles on both the front and the rear mainframe of the 30’ and 40’ units. This unique feature provides maximum flotation and ideal weight distribution across the entire width of the drill for the toughest field conditions. In addition this axle option allows for better ground following and better emergence on wheel tracks.

The P2085 Disk Drill mounted tank model includes a new seed meter. It offers fine, medium, and coarse rollers that cover all crops, easy cleanout serviceability, and quick change meters for added versatility. The new drive system offers variable rate drive standard, exceptional population control accuracy, programmable population settings in-cab for easy switching between rates, and prescription seeding capability on all mounted units.

The P2085 Disk Drill offers the ISO11783 Electronics compatible with IntelliView IV monitors. It’s convenient one-page display, shows all that is necessary for operation, and it’s new flow sensors provide population estimates for larger seeded crops. A bar graph provides target rate, limits ,and blockage information, while the GPS or radar speed inputs provide accurate seeding rates.

In-cab hydraulic down pressure adjustment is standard equipment, allowing operators to make on-the-go adjustments without leaving the seat by using the IntelliView™ IV display. Three convenient presets help maintain ideal row-unit down pressure for changing field conditions. (ISO11783 electronics compatible with IntelliView™ IV monitors).

The narrow transport width on the P2085 Disk Drill makes for easy transport on narrow roads or bridges. Along with the narrow width, the design offers excellent stability during transport, making it easy to safely transport equipment on public roads. The transport width for the 30’ is 12’x13’, and the 40’ is 18.5’x13.8’, making it easy to transport and maneuver around buildings and shops.


Model P2085 - 30 ft 
Toolbar Width, ft (m) 30 ft. (9.1)
Transport height, ft (m) 12.92 (3.94)
Transport width, ft (m) 12 (3.65)
Road-to-opener Clearance, in (cm) 8.5 (21.6)
Weight 7.5 " spacing (empty), lbs (kg) 21,000 (9600)
Weight 10 " spacing (empty), lbs (kg) 17,500 (8700)
Length w/ rear hitch (pin to pin), in (m) 36.4 (11.09 )
Available Spacing, in (cm) 7.5 (19.1) & 10 (25.4)
Split rank capability, in (cm) 15 (38.1) 20 (50.8)
Number of row units 7.5" spacing 48
Number of row units 10" spacing 36
Minimum tractor PTO hp required 7.5" spacing* 195
Minimum tractor PTO hp required 10" spacing* 145
Minimum tractor PTO hp required 7.5" spacing with air cart* 260 to 295
Minimum tractor PTO hp required 10" spacing with air cart* 210 to 245
Fold Type Single
Wing Sections 3
Tires total 12 (16 optional)
Center section walking beam castor tires 12.5L x15
Rear mainframe dual walking beam tire size 18L x 16.1
Inner and outer wings walking beam castor tire size 12.5L x15
Operating Speed mph (kph) 5-8 (8-12.7)
Hitch Type Floating
Ground following design Parallel link
Row unit travel from level surface, in (cm) 8.5 (21.6) up, 11.5 (29.2) down
Wing flex 15 degrees up, 10 degrees down
Disks, in (cm) 18 (45.7) at 7 degrees
Depth settings, in (cm) 14 position T-handle adjust from 0 to 3.5 (8.9)
Down pressure adjustment Variable spring
Closing wheel variable packing pressure, lbs (kg) 60, 75 or 85 (27.2, 34 or 38.6)
Standard in-cab down pressure control, lbs (kg) 200 to 1400 (91 to 635)
Hydraulic requirements, gpm (lpm) 30 (114) - 3 remotes
Hydraulic system In cab down pressure adjust standard
Tow between/behind air cart capacity, bushels (l) NA
Mounted Seed tank capacity, bushels (l) 70 (2470)
Mounted tank Standard
Display system Intelliview IV or ISO11783 compliant display
Sectional control 2-section standard with 4-section optional
Blockage Monitoring Standard
Optional equipment 
High floatation tire option Optional
Hydraulic work switch Optional
Weight bracket Optional
Meter roll selection (extra fine, fine, coarse) Optional
Auxiliary rear hitch -
4-section metering with overlap control Optional
Cross tillage hydraulic package -
GPS speed sensor Optional
Split-rank header insert, 7.5" (19.1 cm) -
Primary run blockage -
Secondary run (all run) blockage hydraulic work switch -
1/2 width sectional control on air cart -
Extended wear air package -