Compact Track Loaders

The Super Boom feature of our Compact Track Loaders provide more dump height and reach so operators can load material into the center of high-sided truck boxes or hoppers. The Super Boom vertical lift linkage also maximizes visibility by providing a clear view of the cutting edge, to the bucket at full height, and the sides and rear.

The power of the C362 CTL is maximized allowing for more material to be moved in a day. This loader features an extra-large frame and 114 HP; It is the biggest and most powerful compact track loader New Holland has ever produced. On top of that, the loader has a 6,200 lb rated operating capacity and enormous breakout force, letting operators move larger and heavier material.

The C362 CTL also offers versatility in a number of ways. The operator can personalize speed and sensitivity settings with adjustable electro-hydraulic controls. Another feature is Auto Ride Control which comes standard on EH models. Operators can also run the biggest attachments with an optional Enhanced High Flow of 41.6-gpm at 4,100 psi.

The tractor loader's rugged 3-point hitch allows for the best performance. Its adjustable sway control, controllable down pressure, and optional dual tilt cylinders give the best leveling performance and best-in-class scraping.