Lubricant & Oil Tips

Minimize downtime and maximize the life of your machine by choosing the right lubricants and adhering to the following tips.


Selecting the appropriate type of grease for your machine will help reduce friction that wears machine parts daily.

Follow the owner’s manual requirements—The owner’s manual states the grease specifications and minimum requirements. If these requirements are met or exceeded, parts life and performance can be improved.

Purge the old grease—Since the old and new grease may not be compatible, purge the old grease when it is changed in any part of the machine from one type to another.

Transmission Oil

Keep components cool, enhance clutch performance and protect gears and bearings from wear by using the right transmission oil.

Select the right oil—Your owner’s manual can help determine the type of transmission oil that is needed.

Consider the weather—Opt for a multi-season oil if you are going to use your equipment in a variety of conditions.

Take precaution when changing oil—Wash the transmission tank before removing the cap, drain the oil as quickly as possible, use caution when installing the filters, and keep filter packages sealed until they are ready to use.

Change filters periodically—Avoid damage, wear and contamination by following timeline laid out in your owners manual.

Hydraulic Oil/Fluid

Although hydraulic oil is primarily needed to transfer power, it is also important in protecting hydraulic components by lubricating the parts it comes in contact with.

The higher the zinc content the better—Zinc helps reduce the wear of components like pumps, motors and valves. Standard hydraulic oils contain 300-500 parts per million (ppm) of zinc, while premium oils often contain as much as 1,200 ppm. Select a hydraulic oil with a minimum of 300 ppm of zinc.

Choose hydraulic oils with water emulsifiers—Emulsifiers disperse water, and reduce the risk of water damage. Avoid oils that tend to shed, separate or release water, as these can cause serious damage to heavy machinery

Filter fluids before adding to your machine—Filtering hydraulic fluids can help avoid contamination, which leads to component wear and system failure.