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  • What makes H7000 Discbine® Disc Mower-Conditioners Great

    You can always rely on New Holland Discbine® disc mower-conditioners for smooth, trouble-free mowing, even in tough conditions. With ShockPRO™ hubs that protect the cutterbar from harmful impacts and allow quick hub changes, so even if you have to stop you'll be back to making hay quickly. New Holland also includes the MowMax™ 3-year cutterbar factory warranty! For more details on New Holland Discbine Disc Mower-Conditioners, visit:

  • How They Work: Cutterbar ShockPRO™ Hubs

    New Holland ShockPRO™ disc hubs protect the cutterbar by absorbing harmful impacts and can be changed quickly, so you're back to making hay quickly! For more information, visit:

  • Cutterbar Defense on New Holland H7000 Series

    When you buy any new Discbine® disc mower-conditioner equipped with a MowMax™ or MowMax™ II disc cutterbar, you’re covered with one full year of base factory warranty, plus two additional years of disc cutterbar coverage. That's 3 years of warranty. Cut confidently. Cut with New Holland. For more information on New Holland Discbine® disc mower-conditioners, visit:

  • Easy Tight Turns: Swivel Hitch for Disc Mower-Conditioners

    New Holland's swivel gearbox hitch attachments allow turns greater than 90 degrees with a straight PTO and have sealed oil reservoirs. There's no risk of contacting your PTO with a lift arm. For more information on New Holland Discbine® disc mower-conditioners, visit:

  • How to Adjust Roll Gap on New Holland H7000 Series

    For adequate conditioning, the roll gap on a Discbine® should be set correctly. Follow the instructions in this video to measure, adjust, and set the roll gap on New Holland disc mower-conditioners. For more information on New Holland Discbine® disc mower-conditioners, visit:

  • All-purpose heavy duty tractor - The T6: An Overview by New Holland

    There are 5 models of T6 tractors to choose from; 95 to 125 PTO hp. With enormous 42% torque rise from the engine power management system when needed, the T6 can handle the big jobs - from haymaking, to loader work, to row crop applications. This video covers T6 engine, transmission options, front axle suspension options, the Horizon™ cab with best-in-class seat, LED lights, available auto guidance systems, and maneuverability. For more information on the New Holland T6 tractor lineup, visit:

  • How it Works: New Holland T6 Terraglide™ Front Axle Suspension

    A smoother ride and better traction, stability and control in any terrain. The TerraGlide™ axle provides a remarkable 100 mm (approx. 4 inches) of travel to keep the front tires in contact with the ground, so you ease over rough spots in rutted fields or bumpy roads. You enjoy a more comfortable ride but, more importantly, you also get better control. The TerraGlide axle helps keep the tractor grounded for more consistent loading on the front tires. To learn more about New Holland's T6 series tractors, visit:

  • World Record Soybean Harvest! The New Holland CR Series Combine

    New Holland Agriculture has set another new World Record by harvesting an impressive 16,157 bushels of soybeans in eight hours with the CR8.90 combine. The record-breaking performance, which took place on April 5, 2017 in Brazil, was certified by an independent adjudicator. To learn more about this combine, visit:

  • Survivor Series: Penny

    To learn more about the Survivor Tractor, its mission, its journey, and the people who inspire us along the way, please visit: To donate now, visit

  • Why a New Holland L234 Skid Steer Loader?

    Chelsea with New Holland Agriculture introduces the all new L234 Skid Steer Loader from New Holland. She highlights the many features and benefits of the L234, including horsepower, capacities, control options, ease of maintenance, and much more. This skid steer loader boasts multiple best-in-class designations at time of launch, such as bucket breakout force over 9,300 lbs and hydraulic pressures up to 3,450 PSI! For more information on the L234, visit:

  • Cutterbar Protection - New Holland ShockPRO™ Hubs for Disc Mowers

    New Holland's H6000 line of heavy duty disc mowers feature ShockPRO™ hubs. These replaceable hubs protect the entire cutterbar driveline to minimize downtime and repair costs. They can be replaced in the field in under 10 minutes at minimal cost. For more information on the H6000 series, visit:

  • Disc Mowers – Benefits of New Holland’s MowMax™ Cutterbar

    With the MowMax™ cutterbar on New Holland's H6000 series disc mowers, each disc module has an individually sealed gear case with a dedicated oil reservoir. Even when cutting on slopes the gears stay fully lubricated. If an internal component ever fails, there's no chance a broken piece could circulate in an oil bath and damage other modules. Additionally, each gear case is connected with independent, hardened alloy drive shafts instead of a single piece shaft that can twist or tear. For more information on the H6000 line of New Holland disc mowers, visit:

  • Disc Mowers – Key Points of New Holland’s H6000 Series

    With the MowMax™ cutterbar and ShockPRO™ hubs, New Holland's H6000 heavy-duty disc mowers are designed to give you trouble-free hay cutting and peace of mind. Routine maintenance is fast and inexpensive, plus the MowMax cutterbar carries a 3 year warranty. For more information about the H6000 series, visit:

  • Survivor Series: Denise

    To learn more about the Survivor Tractor, its mission, its journey, and the people who inspire us along the way, please visit: To donate now, visit

  • The Rustler™ 850 Utility Vehicle - For Work and Play

    The Rustler delivers the best combination of power, payload and performance. Tackle heavy duty chores with its custom-designed 1,000-lb capacity cargo bed, and a 2,000-lb towing capacity for hauling bigger loads. When you’re ready to wrap up the work day, take it for a spin to fully experience the Rustler’s performance-driven engine, smooth double A-arm suspension, and other premium features that make this a UTV that’s ready to play just as hard as it works. The Rustler even comes with a 2 year warranty. If you’re looking for a side-by-side ATV that gets the job done, you just found it. Visit for more.

  • Compact Excavators by New Holland – The C Series

    New Holland C Series are small excavators with six versatile models to choose from. These mini digger’s compact design and zero/short tail swing mean you can dig, fill and grade in confined areas next to buildings, footings and foundations, and in congested work sites like roadways and urban areas. With SAE bucket breakout forces up to 8,490 lbf and dig depth up to 12.5 feet, the C Series are mini tracked excavators with big power. They are also built with superior ground clearance and excellent dozer blade lift height for maneuvering and working in rough conditions and include thoughtfully placed tie down holes for transportation to job sites. Visit or the New Holland Construction website for more information:

  • Survivor Tractor 2017 Daytona 500 Parade

    Join us in celebrating the #SurvivorTractor as it makes its way down the speedway during the pre-race parade at the 2017 Daytona 500.

  • New Holland's Survivor Tractor: Daytona 500

    The Survivor tractor, a fully restored 1939 tractor, visits the Daytona 500 to raise funds for cancer research. New Holland Agriculture's purchase, in November 2016, resulted in a $32 thousand dollar donation to the Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute at Lancaster General Hospital in Lancaster, Pa and together with Wolgemuth Auction, New Holland celebrates the next phase of the Survivor’s journey with a yearlong campaign of giving throughout 2017.

  • Understanding Droop Control in New Holland Auto Command Tractors

    This video will give operators a good starting point in both understanding and using droop control settings to fine tune tractor operations, maximizing fuel savings.

  • What is The Survivor Tractor?

    The "Survivor" is a fully restored vintage 9n tractor dedicated to raising funds for cancer research. It is touring North America on behalf of New Holland with 100% of the funds raised going to various cancer charities. To learn more about the Survivor Tractor, its mission, its journey, and the people who inspire us along the way, please visit: To donate now, visit